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Maryland MD Virus Removal Spyware Removal

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Virus removal

Virus removal

MD Maryland Virus Removal Spyware Removal

Spyware and virus issues

There are two issues that could cause your computer to run slowly that are related to security issues. The two issues are spyware/adware or a computer virus.

Slow running computer and Spyware or Adware

You may not realize it but your computer could have adware or spyware running in the background. This would cause your machine to operate slowly. What could be happening is that at some point a program was installed when you downloaded some software. You should watch out whenever you download software from the internet and look out for any free music download programs.

Spyware will slow your computer by running in the background. It may change your computer settings or affect your web browsing.

Adware also works in the same way in that it runs another program in the background. Adware usually is associated with pop-ups that keep appearing on your computer.

Virus issues and Slow Computers

A computer virus can cause plenty of damage on your machine but they could also make your computer run slowly. Every few months the media picks up on the latest major threat to computer users by saying some virus is spreading rapidly around the internet. While these cases are common its important to note that older computer viruses may be causing slow computer speed.

For both spyware/adware and virus issues can be solved by running some sort of check on your computer system. There are various programs available and we have several listed on this page that you could use to help determine if your computer is running slow due to these two problems.

MD Maryland Virus Removal Spyware Removal

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